Journey in the Fields of Forever

An excerpt from the introduction by John Harricharan:

Why do roadblocks always appear at the most inopportune moment? Where is help when we are down in the arena and boots are on our necks? Why am I here and where am I going? Will I ever again see my loved ones who have died? And so it goes . . . on and on.

...But such uncertainties are not new...

What we must do is reinterpret the way we look at the world. Perhaps, then, we may find that life is biased on the side of good, that difficulties have a way of passing...

With new meaning and understanding, we will find the world to be a much friendlier place, our home away from home. Then will we be able to stand calm when the lightning strikes, to be patient in the midst of the storm and to be centered in the midst of chaos.

All roads lead home. May you enjoy the adventures in the Fields of Forever.

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